Yoda Cat Costumes for The Kitty: Cats Are Small & Wise Like Yoda

Yoda Cat Costumes for The Kitty: Cats Are Small & Wise Like Yoda

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Dress Your Own Wise Cat As Yoda w/ a Yoda Cat Costume and Ears

Chairman Meow Says: How many times have you sat around the house saying, “My kitteh iz so wise… I should dress him like Yoda.” Well, because of recent advances in technology known as the “the inter-webs.” now you can:

yoday cat star warsStar Wars Yoda Pet Costume

Are Cat Yoda Costumes Approved By Chairman Meow?

chairman meowYou see, much like Yoda, the kitty is wise like a small, furry Buddha.

So, is it wrong to give your kitty a Yoda costume, so that they may look even more wise? I think not. Plus, your silly purchase of cat costume will inch Capitalism System one step closer to collapse.

So, enjoy your Yoda cat costume, silly human. Take funny picture of your cat wearing it, and post on Facebook so that your insecure human friends may laugh at the noble kitty

…but know that all the while the clock is ticking until the Glorious Kitty Revolution; after which, maybe the kitty will dress YOU In silly costume and take picture.

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cat with yoda ears

“Much to learn, you still have” – Yoda cat
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