12 Tips for Writing Press Release Headlines: From Gossip Magazines!

12 Tips for Writing Press Release Headlines: From Gossip Magazines!

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Writing an awesome headline for a press release is crucial, or else your press release might not get read at all.

So, you ask, who writes the best headlines for their articles. Hmmm… Is it those brilliant scientists who write for NASA, or maybe those eggheads from Harvard who publish fancy dissertations every year? No, how about the White House Press Secretary, because what he says is so important? You might be surprised at who is writing some great, catchy headlines.

Write Headlines Like a Gossip Magazine

Actually, it might just be the nameless copy writers who write headlines for gossip and entertainment magazines that you can’t help but notice in the supermarket. Why? They have about 3 seconds and a handful of words to get your attention above all the other advertising, magazines, and noise that surround them in the checkout lane.

sample press release headline

Sample headline ideas

Check out these sample headlines:

  • 37 Summer Must-Haves Under $20
  • 50 Perfect Swimsuits for Everybody
  • Ditch Your Doc! 5 Quick Health Checks
  • Success Secrets from the FILTHY RICH
  • Gain Energy & Feel Hot: The Secret to Total Confidence!
  • 155 Stylish Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life (from $5 on up)
  • How Sexy Women Think (And dress!)
  • Joe Cheated With the NANNY – Shocking Secrets Revealed!
  • 290 New Dresses, Jeans, and Shoes to Get You Noticed
  • Stop Stressing, Start Listening: The Key to Letting Go of Anxiety
  • 510 Pages – The Trends You Need to See Right Now!
  • Flawless Skin, Sexy Makeup: 70 Expert Tips

Write a Similar Headline for Your Press Release

press release headline sample

sample press release headlines

They grab your attention, and promise to deliver with specifics. In fact, many times they give you exact numbers to quantify what you’re going to get, while creating curiosity.

They couldn’t say “510 pages of Trends” and then only give you 300. They don’t mumble about Joe’s possible infidelity with another unnamed woman… Joe Cheated With the NANNY, baby! – BAM! Need an incentive to get started on your first press release? Click to get an exclusive 10% off coupon!

Want more magazine-inspired sample headlines for press releases? Check out the latest headlines on covers at magazines.com.

Don’t let Readers say “no” to your Press Release Headline

Don’t ask, “would you like a really great pair of shoes?” but instead ask, “which of these hot shoes do YOU need today?

They are like fishing hooks dangling next to you in the supermarket, and millions of people can’t help biting. (Having Kate Upton or Tatum Channing on the cover doesn’t hurt either)

After you write the body of your press release, rethink your headline after checking out the headlines and magazine covers above. Can you grab readers attention like they do?

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Tips for How to Write an Awesome Press Release Headline

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