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  • • Intelligent Design, or Proof of Kitty Evolution?

    Posted on 19/03/2016 by | 0 comments

    Scientists: Are Cats Rapidly Evolving? – In a shocking press release today, Chairman Meow has provided scientific evidence that cats are evolving at a stunning pace. The stunning photo (provided by Paula R.) clearly shows “Ophelia,” sitting upright like a human. Believing that she was not being observed, the kitty then reportedly picked up a

  • A Brief History of Lolcats & Warning from Chairman Meow

    Posted on 19/04/2015 by | 1 comment

    What are lolcats? For those who live under a large rock, or only use their phone for “calling people,” Chairman Meow will explain what a lolcat is. “Lolcat” is combination of “LOL” (laugh out loud) and cat. Basically a lolcat is a photo of a kitty with a humorous caption underneath written in “lolspeak,” which

  • Cats on Famous Albums: The Kitten Covers

    Posted on 19/07/2014 by | 1 comment

    These album covers (from the kitten covers), featuring glorious kitties, are approved by Chairman Meow. Rumor is that if you play the cat White Album backwards, you receive a special message directly from Great Leader Meow himself. Cats on Album Covers Some featured albums: Kiss, Nirvana: Nevermind, Michael Jackson: Off the Wall, Bob Marley: Legend,

  • Shawshank Kitty Involved in Prison Escape Plot

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    Shawshank Kitty Gets Caught – (true!) A kitty was held by police on New Year’s Eve after being nabbed in a daring Brazilian prison escape plot. The cat had a load of contraband taped to its body including two drills, two saws, a cell phone with batteries & a charger. The suspicious cat was seen