Weight Watchers Coupons: 2015

Weight Watchers Coupons: 2015

Great Weight Watchers coupons; choose just their “OnlinePlus” for online weight loss resources, or incorporate local meetings for the most effective weight loss option. Use a coupon for a 50% discount on select popular plans!

Weight Watchers Coupons: 2015

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Using a Weight Watchers Coupon

It's easier than ever to take advantage of an online discount for Weight Watchers. They have recently streamlined their coupons (no more promo codes to enter) so that you can usually find a monthly promotion for their Weight Watchers OnlinePlus program (formerly just known as "Weight Watchers Online") as well as a coupon for their OnlinePlus program; WW Online plus meetings.

Just click on one of the featured monthly or seasonal offers above to apply a discount. You'll be taken over to weightwatchers.com where details and terms of the promotion are available.

Coupon terms or exclusions

Although the terms of any coupons for Weight Watchers are pretty straight-forward, please take note of them during the signup process. Most of the time their coupon for Weight Watchers Online Plus requires signing up for their 3-month savings plan, and may be in the form of a free month or free signup.

Meetings: An important consideration before signup

weight watchers online logo greenSo, which coupon is best for you? That depends mainly on whether you want to attend local Weight Watchers meetings as part of your weight loss program. Meetings provide motivation and encouragement from others who are also losing weight right along side you. It's also been proven that attending meetings helps people reach and maintain their weight-loss goals significantly more than people who just use Weight Watchers online resources. (Formerly called, "Monthly Pass") Note that coupons are for participating locations only.

What's included in Weight Watchers online?

Recently Weight Watchers has started referring to their online-based weight loss program as "Weight Watchers OnlinePlus." Whether or not you choose to attend meetings, you can look forward to getting the following when you sign up:

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  • Personal coaching - Available 34/7, you can get real-time support and motivation from a trained Weight Watchers coach; available online or mobile.
  • The PointsPlus System - You don't need a pen and paper to count points; use PointsPlus to quickly learn what to eat, and how much of it!
  • Digital tools and apps - Apps for Mac or PC-based devices like iPad keep Weight Watchers at your fingertips.
  • Recipes and resources - Get great meal ideas, as well as activity tracking, and helpful online videos
  • Online support - Whether you choose to attend meetings or not, there's a community of people available for encouragement online and off at all times. Set text reminders for extra motivation!

Chairman Meow approves of Weight Watchers

Why risk your time and energy with a trendy weight loss program that might go up in smoke next year? Don't eat like a caveman or depend on powders and pills when you can eat the very food that's in your grocery store and local restaurants. That's what has made Weight Watchers an effective weight loss program for decades, and the #1 weight loss diet again this year!