Weight Watchers Coupons 2016

Weight Watchers Coupons 2016

Great Weight Watchers coupons; choose just their “OnlinePlus” for online weight loss resources, or incorporate local meetings for the most effective weight loss option. Use a Weight Watchers coupon for up to a 50% discount on popular plans!

Weight Watchers Coupons 2016

Using a coupon or Weight Watchers promotional code online:

weight watchers online logo greenWeight Watchers makes it a snap to use one of their monthly, or seasonal coupons. In fact, each month they usually run two different promotions: one for Weight Watchers Online, with a 3-month savings plan, as well as one for their monthly pass.Note that if you take advantage of one of the links above, including Simple Start, the discount is applied instantly.These discounts consist of either a percentage off your total, and/or “free sign up” which can save you over 30%!

How much does Weight Watchers Online cost after the coupon ends?

Before you commit to buy the 3-month savings pass, you’ll see a line that says, “monthly fee.” This will let you know exactly how much you’ll be paying per month when the coupon period is over. (Currently $18.95 per month) They will keep billing you that amount on approximately the same date each month unless you cancel. Even though you may be prompted for a “promotion code” on their site, there is usually no need to enter a code to get the featured discounts.

Should You Sign Up for Meetings, Online, or Both?

At WeightWatchers.com, you’ll see the phrase, “meetings are power.” So. what does this bold statement mean? It means that people who attend meetings on a regular basis lose more weight than those who only use online resources. Why is that, you ask? Don’t underestimate the importance of inspiration and accountability. Weekly meetings enable you to measure your progress with the support of real people, including confidential weigh-ins.

What’s the difference between plans?

These meetings are the big difference between your two options for Weight Watchers Online, and important for successful and lasting weight loss. While both options get you going with Simple Start and include valuable online resources and eTools, the Monthly Pass includes unlimited monthly meetings. While on paper you pay less per month for online only, taking advantage of meetings may be the key to meeting your personal weight loss goals.

What is the best Weight Watchers Coupon or promotion code to look for?

If you have the luxury of time, then consider waiting for their seasonal promotions that include “free signup.” Right off the bat that knocks about $30 off your order total. (when you buy the 3-month savings plan)Their best deals almost always require purchase of at least 3 months of Weight Watchers Online. You can also consider the Monthly Pass, which includes meeting and doesn’t require a commitment of more than a month at a time. Even though it costs more each month, it might be the best deal as it includes unlimited monthly meetings.

Online coupons & promotion codes for a 30% discount