Norton Coupons: 2017

Norton Coupons: 2017

Norton Security, from Symantec, has earned a reputation as the top name in antivirus, and 360 degree spyware protection, and internet security. Get up to a 40% discount with a Norton coupon code below.

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Norton Coupons: 2017

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Using a Norton coupon code: Security, Backup, AntiVirus

There are two ways to take advantage of a discount when you download software from their website: Either as an instant discount or with a coupon code. With an "instant discount," an offer is applied instantly when you click, but a promotional code must be entered at checkout. (see below)

enter norton coupon code

Just click and enter your code in the "enter coupon code" field directly below the contents of your cart. If the code is valid, you'll get a message indicating that it had been applied as well as a new, lower order total.

Security: What is the best coupon to use?

At least once each month Norton releases new promotional codes and discounts for their security software. Most of these links are specific not only to individual products, number of devices covered, and length of subscription. So, you'll want to ask yourself whether you need online file backup, how many devices you need to cover, and how long of a commitment you want to make.

For example, you might see a promotion for, "$20 off one year of Norton Security for one device," or "$30 off two years of Norton Security with backup for multiple devices." Be sure that you're happy with the features, coverage, and length of subscription before completing sale and starting your download.

What happened to AntiVirus and Norton 360?

norton logo blackNorton used to have a larger product line, with various software offering similar kinds of protection from viruses, spyware, online identity theft, and phishing. Because simply buying Norton AntiVirus might not offer as much protection as a product like 360, Norton has recently moved to promoting a streamlined product line. Essentially, their new Norton Security is total protection for your computer, as well as devices like tablets and phones.

Norton Security Coupons - Consider the optional Cloud Backup

So, now that you don't have to worry about which software to choose, you'll just want to consider whether you want your files backup up automatically. Security with Backup offers all of the protection and adds 25 GB storage space to back up all of your family's files.

Help, my Norton Coupon Code Isn't Working!

So, you are entering a code, but not getting a discount? The most common reason for this is that with most promotions, the coupon is applied instantly, and the price is lowered in your shopping cart, although the savings isn't notated, making it a little confusing. The other common reason for a promo code not to work is that there may be certain exemptions such as "existing customers."

Helpful video shows how to download your software.

Available word-wide: Look for the same great coupon codes as above for countries like Australia, Italy, and Brazil in the coming weeks! Thanks for stopping by!

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