FTD Flowers Coupons: 2015

FTD Flowers Coupons: 2015

FTD offers a huge selection of flowers, floral arrangements, plants, and baskets delivered by local florists. They also have promo codes and seasonal sales for great discounts on bouquets and gifts for any occasion.

FTD Flowers Coupons: 2015

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Where do you enter a coupon code for FTD?

Recently, FTD switched from offering promo codes to having their discounts apply instantly when you click on a promotional link. If you use one of the coupons above, you'll see a message applied site-wide showing that you have a discount like this:

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You''ll also see the retail price crossed out, and a new, lower price next to it with the discount applied.

What is the best coupon to use for FTD.com?

happy ftd flowers ladyThere are a number of seasonal promotions that we feature for holidays, occasions, or specific bouquets. For example, you might get $10 off a specific arrangement, (like roses or sunflowers) or even free shipping on select flowers. However, day in and day out, the best coupon is almost always the “25% off site-wide” exclusive that we occasionally feature.

Does FTD ever release a free shipping code?

During peak flower-sending times, you might actually find a coupon for free delivery. It's only available a few times a year, usually before Christmas (Week after Cyber Monday) and in the days before Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. *International delivery doesn't usually qualify for free shipping. Right now there is actually a free shipping coupon for ProFlowers though!

Help, my coupon code isn't working

Since FTD stopped issuing actual codes, the best way to get a discount is from their weekly featured promotions, like the ones above. When you click a link above, the respective code is applied instantly through the magic of the internet.

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