Drugstore.com Coupons: 2016

Drugstore.com Coupons: 2016

Drugstore.com is now part of Walgreens.com! They have everything from diapers to energy bars. Take advantage of a sale or promo code today for up to a 50% discount on top brands.

Drugstore.com Coupons: 2016

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There are two kinds of coupons for drugstore.com

You can get a discount in one of two ways at drugstore.com; either as an "instant coupon," or as a promo code that needs to be manually entered at checkout.

1.) Instant coupons

pharmacist guyThe most discount that you'll find is an "instant coupon." This is basically a "sale," but that word always reminds me of a sad shoe store about to go out of business. "Instant coupon" sounds like you are magically saving money just by clicking on a link! You can view these instant coupons by category by clicking the link above.

2.) promo codes

The second way to get a discount is with a promo code. Although they used to always have one or two of these available, these have become rare lately. It looks like they have phased out most codes, and instead favor short sales and "instant coupons" for specific brands and categories. They also have moved to offering free shipping on all orders over $35 instead of requiring a code.

If you are lucky enough to have a promo code, keep it handy for use during checkout. After you've added items to your cart, simply click to the first checkout screen, which will look like this:

where to enter a promo code for drugstore.com

After entering the code and clicking, "apply," you'll see whether the code is valid, and the resulting discount.

Promo code not working? Many of their codes are generated for customers for one-time use. So, codes posted online may have worked once, but are now invalid. Also, double check that you haven't confused zeroes with O's, as they are often mistakenly entered.

Drugstore.com Free shipping on all orders over $35

We rarely ever place a small order at drugstore.com, and always try to take advantage of their free shipping offer. In fact, when certain products go on sale, we stock up, as the discounted prices are usually significantly less than we could get locally. Although shipping times vary by order, we usually expect to get our order quickly; usually in about 3-4 business days.

Chairman Meow offers you his drugstore.com coupon codes

Thanks for stopping by obeythekitty.com! Be sure to check back soon, as drugstore.com changes their sales and coupons on a daily basis for top brands like: Burts Bees, Olay, Neutrogena skin care, Boots 7, GNC, Balance Bars, Nature's Way, Greenies, and CoverGirl makeup. Also, check out our other featured coupons for top online stores like Shutterfly!