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dating coupons beach now features one coupon each month free trial manI started following years ago; posting their latest coupons every month. However, starting this year, they have moved away from offering multiple coupons, and focus on just one coupon each month. Usually this promotion is for 50% off your first month, or 3 months for the price of one, which I think is better, as saves you about 67%.

What happened to their free trial offer?

While for years featured a 3 or 7 day free trial, they now only offer it during special weekends, and call it “free communication weekends.” So, are these free weekends the same as the free trial? Yes, but the reason why they changed things is because the new system fits better with their philosophy.

The free trial weekends allow full-communication between anyone who has created an account and taken the free personality test. The idea is that when you experience an exciting few days with others trying out their free trial, you’ll have a better experience and want to join. Free Personality Profile

Creating an account on starts with their free personality test. (If you’re lucky, there will be a free trial available) Get to know more about yourself, and find compatibility based on the surprisingly insightful results of this free test. Featured on television shows including 20/20 and Good Morning America, this free offer to new members has been called “incredibly accurate and insightful.”

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Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, or just want to meet fun, compatible matches online, is a great new site that has become wildly popular for meaningful chemistry-inspired online dating.

When a free communication weekend is coming up, it will be noted on their site. This free trial offer is the best time to experience all of the features of, and decide if it’s for you with no obligation or cost.

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