Carbonite Coupons: 2015

Carbonite Coupons: 2015

Carbonite has revolutionized the process of backing up computer files by offering unlimited cloud backup online for Mac or PC at a low yearly rate. Use our exclusive Carbonite offer codes, coupons, or start a free trial today! (includes UK & Canada)

Carbonite Coupons: 2015

new offer codes and coupons for Carbonite backup

How do you use an offer code or coupon?

Carbonite makes it simple to get a discount on their popular file backup plans. In fact, they recently all but did away with actual offer codes, so that your best discount is going to come from just clicking one of the links above, which will instantly apply a coupon. After clicking, you’ll come to a screen like this offering you a 10% discount

apply carbonite offer code

After clicking the “buy now” button you will have the option of which plan you’d like to choose: Home Basic, Plus, or Prime. While the “Basic” version is the most popular (and Mac compatible) you may also want to consider Plus or Prime. Here is a quick comparison, including their cloud backup solutions for home:

  • Basic: Offers unlimited backup all of your digital photos, music, and computer files. Cost: 10% off; apply this offer code above
  • Plus: Everything above plus backup for your external hard drive, and mirror-image back up. Cost: $99 $90 with coupon
  • Prime: Adds video backup & their courier recovery service. Price: 10% off with coupon code
  • Click above to view Carbonite Business offer codes and learn more about their server plans for customers in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Canada.

file security backupDo you realize that over fifteen thousand computer hard drives crash every day in the U.S., Canada, and UK? Think of all the important, irreplaceable files and hard-coded data that equates to. Theft, fire, power surges, and flooding are just a few of the common threats to your files. Sleep better knowing that your files are safely backed up on their cloud. (What is cloud storage?)

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Carbonite: Like a big, friendly Wookiee protecting your files

Named after that offertory stuff that Han Solo was frozen in, (In The Empire Strikes Back) Carbonite is a user-friendly online backup for both individuals, families, and small businesses. And, speaking of Star Wars, like a big, friendly Wookiee, they will preserve your files indefinitely, without the messy unfreezing process.

With an easy to use interface, you can set to have your data backed up automatically, or choose folders that you’d like to backup manually as well. Not sure whether it’s right for you? Try out their free trial for up to 30 days, and see if you like it!

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Thanks for visiting, be sure to grab a promotional code (if available) or just click to apply an instant discount to any file backup subscription at

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