Advance Auto Parts Coupons: 2015

Advance Auto Parts Coupons: 2015 has an amazing selection of discounted automotive parts and tools. Check below for today’s featured coupons and promo codes for up to a 40% discount. Have shipped or choose free in-store pickup.

Advance Auto Parts Coupons: 2015

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Advance Auto: Where do you enter a promotional code?

It’s a snap to use a coupon code online at In fact, you don’t even have to log in or enter your credit card information, or an advanced degree to figure it out. To do so, just click to "view cart," and you'll see a screen like this:

where to enter promo code for advance auto parts

Just type in the code where it says, "enter promo code," and click apply. If your coupon is valid, you'll get a message with the details of the coupon and the discount will be itemized.

Hey, my promo code isn't working?

There are a couple of reasons why a code doesn't work for your order, here are the most common:

  • Excluded brands & products - There are some brands that codes will never work for, as well as a list of excluded parts like motor oil.
  • Minimum Purchase Required: For most advertised promotional codes, you have to spend a minimum amount before shipping and taxes.
  • Free Shipping Not Working: Note that to get free delivery, you'll usually need to spend over $75. Also, there are a number of products that can't be shipped for safety reasons. If you want free shipping on smaller orders or excluded products, consider free "in-store pickup."
  • Code not discounting advertised percentage? So, you're using a 30% off code on a large order, but the discount is only $50? Note that there's a $50 maximum discount for all codes, so for large orders, consider placing more two or more separate orders.

auto girl lipstickTip #1: Compare Multiple Promotional Codes

Because everyone’s order is different, try copying down more than one promotional code to try. You may find that the “30% off” code gets you a better discount than the “$40 off” code, or that a certain coupon has exclusions.

Advance Auto will keep a running list of all the codes that you try with their respective discounts, (next to the subtotal in your cart) so it’s easy to compare them.

Tip #2: Total over $200? Consider Placing Multiple Orders

As mentioned, the best discount you can get from any single code is $50. For this reason, if you have a large order (over about $200) consider breaking it into two orders. That way you’ll get up to a $50 discount on each of the orders.

Coupon Tip #3: In-Store Pickup Is Like Having a Printable Coupon

Every month people search thousands of times for printable coupons for Advance Auto, and they aren’t common to find. Instead of printing a coupon, consider placing your order online and then picking it up at the store. You can even browse the store first, place the order on your iPad, and come back in an hour to pick it up!