4inkjets Coupons: 2015

4inkjets Coupons: 2015

Coupon codes for up to a 15% discount plus free shipping on every order this month at 4inkjets.com. Choose compatible ink for popular brands like HP, Epson, and Canon and save up to 70% on ink cartridges and toner.

4inkjets Coupons: 2015

Where do you enter a coupon code?

It's easy to use a code at 4inkjets.com. Actually, you don't even have to log in to see the discount you'll get from a promo code. The first page of checkout will look like this:

4inkjets enter coupon code

Just enter your code where it says, "coupon code," and click apply. You'll instantly get a notification of whether the code is valid, as well as an itemized discount reflected in your new order total.

Code not working? Coupon exclusions for 4inkjets

4inkjets logoIf you entered a code and didn't get a discount, the most likely reason is that genuine name brand ink (called, "OEM") is excluded from most coupons. In fact, companies like Canon, Epson, HP, Brother, Ricoh, Xerox,and Lexmark have strict rules that prevent inkjet resellers from offering coupons that undercut their own profit margins.

For this reason, most stores that sell ink online hope that you'll choose the less expensive generic version of ink, as they can be much more flexible with the price.

What is the best coupon offered by 4inkjets?

There are actually seasonal sales, usually in the 2 weeks leading up to a major holiday when 4inkjets offers their best coupons; usually 15% off plus free shipping on any size order.

The more ink you buy, the more you save

What's true for mayonnaise and soda is also true for ink; the more you buy, the lower the price is per ounce. In fact, if you go to 4inkjets.com, you notice that next to most ink cartridges there is a lower price per unit if you buy at least three. For this reason, you'll get the best price when you stock up, especially when you add a coupon into the mix!