24 Hour Fitness Deals: 2017

24 Hour Fitness Deals: 2017

For over 30 years 24 Hour Fitness has helped people get in better shape. Use a coupon below for membership deals or a free pass to try out your local gym!

24 Hour Fitness Deals: 2017

24 hour fitness deals

Deals for Memberships at 24 Hour Fitness

Look for our featured deal each month for 24 Hour Fitness gym memberships. This may be good for free initiation or a free month of membership.

How Does the 24 Hour Fitness Free Pass Work?

There's usually an off above for a 3 day or one week free pass coupon at 24 hour fitness. This is a great way for new members to try out the gym before joining. Basically, you can signup online, and even print your own pass for free.

How long is the free pass for 24 Hour Fitness?

logo 24 hour fitness passInteresting to note that they don’t specify the length of the free trial on their site, but it looks like it’s always for 3 days. (It’s possible that they leave this to the discretion of each individual club, which may give you up to a week free)

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Anyway, you can even sign up for the free trial using your Facebook account, so you won’t even have to enter in all the info. (like your name, zip code, etc) There is no appointment necessary, and during the free trial period you can even take group classes for free. *Note that when you arrive at 24 Hour Fitness, they will ask for ID, and may put a credit card on file in case you try to burn the place down or decide to continue with your membership. Otherwise, your credit card won't be charged.

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What’s the best membership deal or online coupon to look for?

24 hour fitness girlAs of right now, they keep renewing the free initiation coupon which will save you $50 on monthly memberships. (Memberships in which you pay month to month, not annual) Not bad, and there are no long-term commitments. If you are an existing member, you probably won’t qualify for these featured membership deals.

As far as the best coupon for their store, look for deals on featured brands of diet supplements and vitamins, as they don't offer the 10% off promo code anymore. When you spend over $29, you’ll automatically qualify for free shipping.

Tip: If you are buying any diet or nutritional products, consider signing up for their 24-to-my-door program. Basically, you just add products that you are buying into their “recurring order” feature, and you’ll get an extra 10% discount on them for this, and any future deliveries. There is no obligation, and you can cancel this feature any time. It’s just a quick way to get an extra discount, but see the site for details.

Chairman Meow Approves of 24 Hour Fitness

Being a cat means that you sleep most of the day. So, what if you need exercise in the middle of the night? Most clubs are open 24 hours a day, hence the cathy name. Also, Americans eat too many cronuts, so fitness will keep them healthier so that they don't collapse and have their house cats eat them after a day or two.