Rimadyl Coupon: 20% Discount + Free Shipping

Rimadyl Coupon: 20% Discount + Free Shipping

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Rimadyl is the most popular, prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for dogs. It’s effective in relieving arthritis pain in joints and post-operative dogs; similar to it’s generic equivalent, Novox. When you use a coupon below, you’ll get the best price online for arthritis medications:

rimadyl pills dogsMore about Rimadyl:

(carprofen) Is available as a caplet or chewable tablet in a dosage of: 25mg, 75mg, or 100mg. Your vet will prescribe 30, 60, 90, or 180 pills at a time.

What is the generic of Rimadyl?

The generic version is called Novox, which is significantly cheaper. (About $1.25 per pill for Rimadyl; $0.78 per pill for Novox)

My experience with Rimadyl

As I was reading in bed one night, I heard a CRASH on the floor at the foot of the bed. I thought my dog, Bailey, (a lab-shepherd mix) had died on her feet, and just keeled over! I jumped out of bed, terrified at what I thought I’d find. There she was, flat on the floor, giving a big yawn, getting ready to snooze for the night.  Or so I thought.

She was not yawning because she was sleepy, and she had not just thrown herself on the floor because she’d chosen the easiest way down.  Her legs hurt too much for her to go down slowly, and her yawn was the result of her anxiety at the pain she was suffering.  I didn’t know it at the time, but she desperately needed Rimadyl for her arthritis! Her veterinarian explained to me the crippling effects of arthritis in dogs and his recommendation for the best remedy.

dog  arthritis x-ray

Now, her reluctance to go on long walks, to jump up on her favorite chair, and to run in crazy circles when she saw me come in the door after work, made sense.  I flashed back on a Yoga class when everyone was going down slowly into the Lotus position, and I CRASHED.  I could relate to Bailey! We both had arthritis!

He prescribed Rimadyl for her arthritis, and within a few days of taking it, her crashes diminished.  In two weeks, the dreaded thumps were gone, and Bailey was moving like her young self. She actually started looking forward to her pill!  No wonder Rimadyl (available in both caplets and chewable tablets) is the most popular arthritis medication for dogs, and is most recommended by vets.  Fast-acting, easy to give, and it works!

Use a coupon for Rimadyl

If you’re considering Rimadyl, you’ll need a prescription from your vet. Using a coupon above will give you a great discount; up to an extra 20% discount, plus free shipping. That might be half the price or less of what your local vet charges!


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