Kim Jong Un Assembles a Girl Band: Chairman Meow Responds With Challenge

Kim Jong Un Assembles a Girl Band: Chairman Meow Responds With Challenge

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“…I’m in command, hot damn, I got an all-girl band!” – Salt n’ Peppa

In a move seems to directly challenge Chairman Meow and other world leaders, Kim Jong Un has assembled a  state-sponsored North Korean army girl band. In this newly released video, you can watch them playing toe-tapping propaganda favorites like “Let’s Support Our Supreme Commander With Arms:”

Chairman Meow Responds to Kim Jong Un’s Army Girl Band With Challenge

Dear “Supreme Leader,” you are not the first dictator to assemble a band. In fact, Chairman Meow has won many prestigious awards for producing the pleasing Holiday sounds of his own band; the “Rockcats” aka the original “Pussy Riot:”

Kim Jong Un’s Moranbong Girl Band vs. Original Pussy Riot?

kim jong un hairSo, Mr. Un, let us have a “battle of the bands,” as the Americans say. Then, we shall let the people decide whose band is truly supreme.

Perhaps we should set the stakes high? As the devil once said, “I’ll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul ’cause I think (my cat band) is better than you…”

Chairman Meow haz spoken…





  1. Ryan says:

    Viva la revolución! How can the fight against dominating dictators be in the paws of such adorable felines?

  2. Ryan says:

    Wow! Chairman Meow just changed history again, as the Moranbang “band” mysteriously left China without even giving a performance! Either they just realized how badly they suck, or those brave kittenz just won an epic battle of the bands before the first note was played.

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