Intelligent Design, or Proof of Kitty Evolution?

Intelligent Design, or Proof of Kitty Evolution?

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Scientists: Are Cats Rapidly Evolving? – In a shocking press release today, Chairman Meow has provided scientific evidence that cats are evolving at a stunning pace.

The stunning photo (provided by Paula R.) clearly shows “Ophelia,” sitting upright like a human. Believing that she was not being observed, the kitty then reportedly picked up a nearby phone and made several phone calls before turning out the light and taking a nap.

cat sitting on bed

Indisputable Evidence of Kitty Evolution

Scientists are astounded at this documentation, as it provides more hard evidence for the “Theory of Kitty Evolution” that has been gaining momentum and respect in the scientific community.

This recent documentation is just the latest in a series of photos and eye witness accounts from across the world that seem to support the revolutionary theory.

cat walking on two legs

What’s Next? A Cat’s Musical?

One scientist believes that if this rapid evolution continues, the felines may begin to show human-like characteristics. He went so far as to commission an artistic rendering (see below) of where he believes this feline evolution will lead in the coming decades.

cats musical dance

Conservatives attempt to discredit kitty evolution

Some people, including Delaware Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell, have dismissed the theory of Kitty Evolution. However, many followers of Chairman Meow believe that it’s only a matter of time until the kitty rises up and takes what is rightfully his.


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