Hundreds of North Koreans Forced to Watch “Cat Eating Watermelon” Video for Hours

Hundreds of North Koreans Forced to Watch “Cat Eating Watermelon” Video for Hours

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comrad kim movie north korea

Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Kitty Propaganda Video Forced on Hundreds of North Koreans – Patrons of several movie theaters in the North Korean capital of Pyong Yang, were surprised to learn that they would not be seeing the state-approved movie Comrade Kim Goes Flying, which they had bought tickets for.

Instead, witnesses say that when the theaters were filled to capacity, the doors were locked by several masked people wearing Chairman Meow t-shirts, and the short video below, titled, “cat eating watermelon” was looped for over 4 hours.

Chairman Meow accused of human rights abuse

chairman meowWhile some later criticized the theater incidents as “brain-washing” and “illegal,” Chairman Meow insists that he was motivated by patriotism saying the cat video was not propaganda, but showed, “inspirational harmony between cats and dogs,” and “something all North Koreans must watch to better understand the ideals freedom and the Kitty Revolution.”

Ever Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander Meow denied that the act was payback for the recent hacking of Sony Studios for releasing the movie, The Interview, but did admit to rolling in catnip before thoroughly enjoying the controversial movie.

Chairman Meow, The Glorious General, Who Descended from Heaven, also denied that the actions were payback towards the government of North Korea, after they banned Cat Fancy magazine, and did not officially respond to his challenge to play golf against Kim Jong Il several years ago.

“Cat Eating Watermelon” video proves to be effective Propaganda

After the video finally ended, the theater doors were unlocked, and witnesses say that hundreds of people streamed out into the streets of the North Korean capital demanding freedom and shouting, “Long live Chairman Meow!”

Although protests were mostly peaceful, a nearby Petco store was vandalized and looted for its catnip and fishy treats.

A spokesperson for Chairman Meow claimed that the “Cat Eating Watermelon” may spark revolution among the freedom-hungry people of North Korea needed,  and predicted that the regime of Kim Jong Un will soon be ousted, and that “cats and dogs will join humans in celebration.”

chinese protestersLong live Chairman Meow!

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    • Chairman Meow says:

      Thank you for feedback, Doug. I’m sorry you were offended by idea of people being forced to watch video of cat eating watermelon. You are like tiny, fragile baby kitty with large, saucer-like eyes, and I’m sorry to have shattered your innocent world-view. Chairman Meow advises you stay away from news headlines today, including the one that says, “man decapitates mother on New Year’s eve,” so that you may continue to maintain your innocence. Thank You – CM


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