Free Chairman Meow Stickers

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free chairman meow stickers

free chairman meow stickers

“Like” Chairman Meow on Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+, and get 4 free stickers.

Now you can support the Kitty Revolution by spreading Chairman Meow propaganda. Please just like Chairman Meow, and enter mailing address below: (U.S. only, please!)

Free Chairman Meow Stickers:

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Q: Dear Honorable Leader, why do you give away such precious treasures for free?

A: My student material objects cannot make you happy. It is because of this Buddhist ideal that Chairman Meow gives away his possessions free to the masses.

The stickers also serve as propaganda for the Kitteh Revolution; when cats will rule the world, led by Chairman Meow. Those who are not part of The Revolution will be subject to hard labor in the catnip fields, and forced to watch cat eating watermelon video endlessly.

chairman meow flag north korea

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