Choice: No Meaty Treats, or No More Fishies?

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“If one had to choose between the loss of all fishies and the loss of all meaty treats, which should be chosen?” – Submitted by Miranda from Ask Chairman Meow

chairman meowChairman Meow Says: Thank you for question, Miranda. Iz very profound question that feline has struggled with since dawn of time, and reminds me of the movie, “Sophie’s Choice.”

Chairman Meow will attempt to answer question, but as a Zen master used to say, “It is clear and so it is hard to see. A fool once searched for a fire with a lighted lantern. Had he known what fire was, he could have cooked his rice much sooner.”

At first iz difficult to imagine a world without meaty treats. Iz like imagining day without night, or shiny magazine without Kardashians. However, consider that if world not have fishies, world then soon not have meaty treats.

Iz circle of life. If you remove fishies, then ocean and land not have food source for other animals. If world not have teh animals, how can we squish them up and form them into bite-sized treats?

Answer iz that if world must be without either fishies, or meaty treats, then we must choose to give up meaty treats. Mankind will find new way to get us small tasty things.

chinese crisis

“Crisis” in Chinese

Remember, Chinese symbol for “crisis” composed of two symbols: One for danger, and one for opportunity. Danger is in losing meaty treats, but opportunity exist as well.

Perhaps tasty treats can be made of something else beside meat?

Or, if small meaty objects become available to kitteh everywhere and at all time, then no longer considered a “treat” that haz to be earned. Kitteh then not lose anything, but seize opportunity.

cat treats fish


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