Chairman Meow Promises to Send Cat to Mars: Commissions T-Shirt Design

Chairman Meow Promises to Send Cat to Mars: Commissions T-Shirt Design

Posted on 30/09/2015 by | 1 comment

chairman meowUpon hearing that there is water on Mars, Great Leader Chairman Meow has quickly promised to send a cat there to search for fishes, issuing the following statement:

“Since the Soviets sent a dog to space, we have been waiting for a good reason to respond by launching a kitteh into orbit. We haz waited many years, because space is generally cold and boring, and the food is bad. However, upon hearing that there is water on Mars, Chairman Meow believes that there may also be tasty fishes, and we must go eat them.”

When asked how such an expedition would be funded, a Chairman Meow announced that he had commissioned a t-shirt design to fund the trip.

“Chairman Meow does not know a lot about Capitalism, but I know that selling t-shirts to Capitalist Pigs should finance the cost of getting a kitteh to Mars so that they can search for new, exotic tasty kinds of fishes and bring them back so that Chairman Meow and other kittehs may eat them.”

space cat t-shirt funny

The t-shirt design, titled, “Believe,” has been posted on where it may be printed if there is enough support.

“Chairman Meow encourages you to buy one of these t-shirts to show ur Kitteh Patriotism.”


One comment

  1. Ryan says:

    Has noble leader lifted the restrictions on birth rates for kitties? After many years of disastrous population controls, allowing litter sizes of no more than 5 kitties, I fear that the capitalist pigs have overpopulated the earth…

    Let loose the dogs of wanton reproduction – Mars needs kittens!

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