Chairman Meow Calls for Boycott of Canis Minor Constellation

Chairman Meow Calls for Boycott of Canis Minor Constellation

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The Canis Minor constellation dates back to the 2nd century, and is recognized as one of the 88 modern constellations. The Latin name translates to, lesser dog,” and Chairman Meow couldn’t agree more.

You see, this constellation, advertised as some kind of fluffy dog, consists of only two stars, meaning that whoever named it and imagined it to be a dog was smoking something a lot stronger than catnip.

Here is the Canis Minor Constellation:

canis minor constellation

Not seeing the dog? Here’s an artist’s rendition of what you should be seeing:

canis minor star constellation drawing

Still not seeing it? Perhaps this helpful diagram will show you how to connect those (two) dots to get the dog shape:

canis minor

Not seeing the dog shape?

Perhaps it would clarify things to also include the handful of stars under Canis minor, which then clearly resembles a dog riding on the back of a flying unicorn:

canus minor unicorn

Funny, I always saw those 12 stars as a dog riding on the back of a unicorn flying over a credenza… not a drafting desk. But, I guess there is a little wiggle room for personal interpretation there.

Join Chairman Meow’s Boycott of Canis Minor Constellation

felis domestic cat constellation

Felis the Cat constellation

Canis minor somehow survived through the millennia, while superior animals like the sabre-tooth tiger and reasonable constellations like Felis the Cat were lost to history.

Chairman Meow is an open-minded cat, but there are some things that cannot be forgiven, such as 11 inch hoagies that are marketed as “foot long,” Trump University, and stupid constellations.

Chairman Meow must ask his followers to join him in a boycott of this ridiculous dog “constellation,” as well as the two stars, Procyon and Gomeisa that it consists of.

Chairman Meow is currently working on removing any mention of this inferior constellation from astronomy books, as well as censoring it from the interwebs.

If you look to the sky in the Northern hemisphere, please ignore all stars between the Hydra and Gemini constellations.

Chairman Meow haz spoken.


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