Cats Aid In Brussels Lockdown; Fight Terrorism

Cats Aid In Brussels Lockdown; Fight Terrorism

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stay calm tweet catBelgians Fight Terror With Lolcat Photos: Brussels, Belgium was put on lock-down under the highest level of terror alert this week. Humans were asked to stay indoors while anti-terrorism raids were carried out in Belgium, and asked not to tweet or share anything about the raids on social media.

The concern was that terrorists might be tipped off to the raids based on the use of #BrusselsLockdown hashtag which might reveal the location of Belgian police.

In response, residents of Belgium flooded the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag with photos of vigilant cats and cat memes in a unified effort to confuse terrorists.

As you know, cats have been central in the global War on Terror from the beginning;  contributing surveillance as well as executing pinpoint attacks against jihadists.

Here are a few of the recent tweets that show the united feline vigilance against terror in Brussels:

cats brusselslockdown

#BrusselsLockdown: Belgians Fight Terror With Cat Memes During #BrusselsLockdown –

#brusselslockdown cats –


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