Cat Catios Gain Popularity: Build Your Cat One Now

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urban catio

Catio is defined as, “an enclosed space or patio for cats.” Think that just because you live in the city your cat can’t have a nice outdoor space? The New York Times recently published a story about the recent popularity of catios in NYC. Not only do these spaces make cats happy, but in the city they help keep pests like pigeons away. (They surely frighten away would-be burglars too!)

Some businesses have actually been built on the popularity of catios, including Kittywalk Systems which sells modular cat enclosures that resemble large versions of the Habitrail systems for hamsters.

One cat therapist added that a catio can be therapeutic, recommending them to clients who struggle with “inner-cat hostility.” read ny times story


Chairman Meow Says: Outdoor space for the kitty iz very good. These catios should be standard on all apartments in New York, and other world cities. Catio can be good for kitty to meditate, away from distractions of restless humans of New York City.

Like a glorious cat therapist, Chairman Meow recommend catios for all kitties.




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