Canon Ink: Coupons for 50% Off & Free Shipping on the Generic Version

Canon Ink: Coupons for 50% Off & Free Shipping on the Generic Version

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canon ink logoIf you’re looking to get Canon Ink, consider the generic or “name brand compatible” version, which can save you up to 70% compared to the retail price of genuine Canon inkjet cartridges and toner.

Use a coupon below for the best prices on Canon, and Canon-compatible ink online:

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Canon Ink & Toner Coupons

Chairman Meow finds the best coupons online good towards Canon, and Canon-compatible ink, toner, and inkjet cartridges online. Currently our two favorite sites for the best prices online for printer ink and supplies are 4inkjets and 123inkjets.

Canon “OEM” ink excluded from Most Coupons

canon inkjetsName brand or “OEM” Canon ink is usually excluded from all coupons online. Because of regulations, you probably won’t find any coupons that work towards actual name brand ink. In fact, we recently spotlighted the ridiculous price per ounce of printer ink in a recent post. Instead, consider getting the generic equivalent which can save you big money. This cheaper option is rigorously tested, and conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards.
Generic Canon ink coupons from 4inkjets

Should You Buy OEM Canon Ink or the Generic Version?

Depending on your own personal needs, you may prefer the real deal, but it will cost significantly more. For example, if you print hundreds of pages of emails and documents each month, you might need to pay double for the OEM ink. If you only print a few photos occasionally, the cost savings of generic might not be worthwhile to you.

Both options are available above, but the coupon codes will only work towards generic Canon ink and toner. Genuine ink, however, does qualify for free shipping.


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