• Holiday Cards w/ Cats & Dogs: Fun Design Ideas + Coupons

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    Christmas & Holiday Card Designs with Dogs & Cats – It has becoming increasingly popular to send holiday cards out that feature the family pet. Here are some of the best inexpensive holiday card designs online to feature dogs or cats:

    Shutterfly Holiday Card Ideas for Dogs & Cats

    shutterfly coupon logoShutterfly is the most popular site online for printing holiday cards, and they have a few nice options that can feature your dog or cat. If you do like any of them, consider using one of our coupons for up to a 50% discount or free shipping!

    shutterfly cat holiday cardMeowy Christmas

    funny cat holiday card idea

    shutterfly dog holiday card woofWe woof you a hairy Christmas

    shutterfly holiday cads dogHappy pawlidays

    shutterfly dog holidays cardHappy Pawlidays

    Tiny Prints: Dog & Cat Holiday Cards

    Tiny Prints is one of my favorite places for custom printing including amazing Holiday, Christmas, & New Year’s card. They have over a dozen dog & cat themed holiday cards to choose from featuring your photos, so check them out!

    tiny prints dog holiday card idea

    tiny prints dog holiday card idea

    tiny prints dog holiday card

    tiny prints dog holiday card

    View all Dog & Cat Christmas & Holiday cards at tinyprints.com

    Snapfish Holiday Card Designs Featuring a Dog or Cat

    logo snapfish coupon blueSnapfish is another popular photo sharing site that you might already be a part of. They run some really good discounts as well, and before Christmas it isn’t unusual to see them put out a promo code for 50% off holiday cards.

    Here are some Christmas and holiday card design ideas with dogs and cats: (view all)

    snapfish dog christmas cards

    snapfish dog holiday cards

    snapfish dog holiday cards

    Did you catch the dog & cat puns? Happy Howlidays (might be good for dog breeds like Beagles) Happy Pawlidays (that could work for a dog or cat, as their paw prints look pretty similar) and “Have a Howly Jolly Christmas.” Kind of a stretch, unless you have a dog breed that is known to howl.

    Vistaprint: Holiday Cards With a Dog or Cat Theme Design

    vistaprint couponYou probably know Vistaprint for business cards, but they have come a long way in the photo card area. Once you factor in a coupon, they probably are the cheapest option for quality pet holiday cards, putting out promo codes every week for up to 50% off or free shipping. You can also view today’s on-site coupons for cards at vistaprint.com

    vistaprint holiday cards dog catfeliz naughty dog cards!

    vistaprint holiday cards pets

    vistaprint holiday cards dog

    I just have to say that the “Feliz Naughty Dog” holiday cards are brilliant. If you’ve ever taken one of those dog-shaming photos, it would be perfect for this funny design.

    The “May your days be furry & bright” cards are a good option, and there’s the old standby, “Happy Paw-lidays” again.

    Why Send a Holiday Card from Your Dog or Cat, Anyway?

    Bottom line: because dogs and cats are funny, and we’re all a little crazy. But seriously, most of the time people are going to send out a family photo, or Christmas or New Year’s cards that feature the kids.

    If you don’t have young kids, your fur-kids are getting most of the love in the house, and they should be represented! Also, without young kids you might be more likely to send out something with a generic winter or Christmas themed design. However, an alternative that has been gaining popularity is to feature your pet; usually a cat or dog.

    print cat christmas card designs

    Add Your Dog or Cat to the Family Photo: Best of Both Worlds

    So, you have kids AND a dog? Why not make sure your pet is in the family photo, or at least represented in one photo in designs that are a collage or collection of pictures.

    Or, if you’re just a weird dude, you can pay for a studio photo shoot with your cat! There are also coupons for Holiday cards from Walgreens Photo, but I’m not a huge fan. If you are one of the “elites” who sends pears during the holidays, check out mightygourmet.com for coupons!

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